Are Claim Apis still maintained ? I can't request by slug, address or all claims, I can only request by id

Making a request in this case curl to any of the other claim api’s except id return s this error:


{“status”:404,“code”:“invalid-request”,“message”:“Instance does not exist”,“correlationId”:“e1cbcc40-8346-44d9-9045-9db1b5f68218”}

Request used:

curl -X GET “” -H "Content-Type: application/json

Sorry, that API has been deprecated. What are you building?

Trying to close an issue for, it’s an nft miniting app accross all platform.

I am to take an nft url e.g Hocus Pocus | Manifold, verify that is a valid manifold mint i.e. it exists, get the contract address from it (and vice versa if the contract was given generate the url from it), get it miniting start timestamp and stop timestamp, the amount / cost to mint a single unit and the creators info i.e. social profile, wallet address, and this values are the use to enable minting on manifold but within floorsnft app.

Here’s an example:

You can change the ‘instanceSlug’ to whatever slug you’re looking for.

1/2 solved. appreciate. I want to also do the same with the nft contract address i.e. take in an address and if valid get the same info i get from the instanceSlug. I have queried the contracts metadata or reads method on etherscan, to see if there is any way i could link a metadata to an instance slug, this hasn’t been successful.

What is the suggested way to get an instance slug from a contract address ? or the name in the metadata field ? (Api docs dont exist for claims any longer)