Are Erc1155 two open editions with different tokenids?

Hi guys,

i have created a claim page with erc1155.

Everything works good, but now i want to create a second claim page for a different tokenID, but cant find if that is possible of how to set it up.

So now the collection has just one tokenID =1 and i want to create a new claim page where people would get the tokenid=2 . Is that possible?!

Or is it mabye possible by writing another smart contract to interact with the current one and just give away the MINTER_ROLE?! didnt check the manifold smart contract yet.


Each claim page will create a new tokenID. If the claim pages are created one after the other then like you mentioned it would be id1 and then id2. As long as the claims are deployed from the same contract it will appear in the same collection on Opensea.

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ok great! Thanks for the fast reply!

and is it possible to have a claim page where people which are whitelisted get to claim the token for free whereas people that are not whitelisted have to pay a small fee?!

Or do i have to either update the claim page later OR make two?!

You can do it on Claim page but will need to update the rules for the different mechanics.

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