Are they minted or not?

Just minted some work and have some issues.

  1. Somehow minted the same piece twice, but…one piece shows in my tokens as minted and the other does not. One is #15 but #14 is totally missing, yet both show up on FND.

  2. Another piece, separate to above has been minted and shows as such on FND but not as minted on Manifold.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on here? TIA.


Could you link to the token? We can look into this.

Hi there aguspunk.
Thanks for the reply.
The token (#15) on Manifold is Manifold Studio
On Foundation it is shown twice.Once at Earth Tones | Foundation (this is Mint 14 that does not show on manifold) and then at which is mint #15 which does show on manifold. Both tokens are called Earth Tones.
They are in my visionandlighticm contract on manifold which shows mint #13 then #15.
If one has to be removed then I guess #14 should be as that is not showing on my visionandlighticm contract. Hope that helps.
Many Thanks for your help.