Are Token Embeds Available? (as distinct from the widgets)

Hi, just checking again if token embeds (as distinct from the marketplace widgets) are available, or in the works…? (I did read through the related posts in search)
(I am working with the widgets as well)

Zora Marketplace used to have a great embed (screenshot attached), though they have changed it, and currently doesn’t work right (their focus seems on at the moment) …thanks

Screenshot 2022-09-25 080203

Which aspect of the embed are you interested in that isn’t served by the marketplace widget? Or are you talking about an embed for any token even if it doesn’t have a listing?

Mainly as a simpler option when needed; I can get the widgets working, and they’re great, but I struggle sometimes to conform them to existing page design/layout when that is what is desired. And yes, for any token, even if not listed in Gallery. I just thought that Zora one was particularly good (and easy), but they don’t even have that one anymore… is amazing, but seems weird having third party, branded one just for embed…

Yup. That should be possible. Let me look into it for you. Which parts of the display would you want to use/lay out individually? Image, description, …. ?

The old (no longer available) Zora one, in my screenshot above, I thought was ideal—being that my token was a music NFT, it had a music player… and preview image, collection link, token link, listing/price info, “buy” or “place bid” button (which was just simply a link to the actual marketplace auction…
The OpenSea embed is good too, though no music player… and again, these just link to the marketplaces where they’re listed… easy iframe embed code, to put in HTML page…

The Manifold Marketplace widgets are amazing, and eventually they will be my ultimate solution for my site…

got it.

We do actually have a few display via settings that we didn’t publish yet. We haven’t published card template widgets yet.

Certain listing widgets that are relevant for non-listings (e.g. m-listing-description, m-listing-image-expandable, m-listing-links, etc) can be used to render any token by doing the following:
Add the prop:


We have a single full display layout widget right now as well, called:


Oh, cool, I’ll give that a try. Yes, m-display-listing is what I’ve used.