Artwork changes are not visible on other platforms and on Manifold gallery page

Good day, I have a problem with my latest piece. It was a limited edition drop and one out of five collectors bailed from it. I had collectors names written on the back wall (Their twitter handles).

Here is the piece: yup, I was right. we are inside a huge flying machine after all | Manifold

When that collector bailed another one jumped in, so I renamed his name on the wall (It’s the one below on the left hiper444, it used to be EricWoolley) But after I edited the project with the new PNG file it’s not visible on other platforms Rarible, OpenSea etc. It also is not visible on my manifold gallery page: yup, I was right. we are inside a huge flying machine after all - Tomislav | Manifold

Like you can see on the claim page name below is hiper666 and on the gallery page as well on all other platforms it’s still Eric’s name.

My wallet address is: 0xb6036EbC7E92C9821543E714dbCeB0fa94B05220

I’m using Chrome browser, have no idea what browser is my collector using, but he can’t see his name on the wall as well.

Love this piece! This might be a helpful article - Seems like the media updated on-chain may just need a manual refresh on some platforms if it hasn’t been done yet.

Thank you so much! I updated metadata on Rarible and Opensea, it’s ok now. I don’t know how to do it on Manifold Gallery though. When I click metadata it just give me a code in a new tab I can’t change or edit

You should actually see it in one of the screenshots in the above link - It’s in the ‘More Options’

I have only Claim page available (and there is no option to change metadata in there) don’t know why, spent whole day trying to find it.

(When I draged the screenshot to show you it gave me some code above, have no idea will the image be visible above this line)

This is gallery website, can’t find my page there