Arweave and IPFS

I’ve read in the docs that the contents of an NFT in automatically uploaden to Arweave when minting trough manifold.
So, I guess it’s not necessary for me to upload the art to Arweave myself?
And is it useful to add an IPFS link to my artwork in the description?

We upload all tokens to Arweave for creators and will cover the cost - Adding to IPFS or pinning this is entirely up to you.


I guess IPFS is not necessary because Arweave is more permanent.

A follow up question.
Is it possible to see the data on Arweave?
Maybe through an ar://xxx link or a gateway?

Yes if you look at the metadata of any NFT minted with Manifold you’ll see the arweave link when clicking into the metadata

I tried but couldn’t find it, maybe they only use Arweave on mainnet and not Goerli?