Arweave is blocked / listed as a phishing site is currently listed as being a phishing / attack site and is blocked… I’ve got several 360 degree photographs in HTML that were displaying for the last 2 months since minting, but now aren’t showing up I’m assuming this is because of the issues with Arweave?

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Here is a screen shot of what is happening in the backend…

And this is a link to what is now happening on the frontend:

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This is happening at the ISP level with the gateway, not Arweave itself.

You can update your metadata to point to instead of to get around the ISP block.

Not blocked by my ISP, it is being blocked by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. I can still get to the site.

I called my ISP on this. They suggested changing ports. Worked.


which ISP and what port did you change to? this info would be helpful for a lot of people! thanks!

+1 would love to know this for future creators having this issue