Arweave metadata upload error during batch upload

Wallet address: 0xE7a78f5bF6C0B6543DC1bd298225d8031153846C

Trying to do a batch upload of 45 tokens to mainnet and keep getting the error “Arweave metadata upload error, please try again”.

Please help!


Same problem around 5 hours :face_with_peeking_eye:

Same issue here!!!

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There was a problem with our server and a fix was deployed. Could you try again please?

Thank you!

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It is now working! Thanks for the quick fix!

Hi I’m having this issue. Tried all last night (January 12) and today trying again. Is server down yesterday and now? I uploaded 75 in the batch mint. I then went in and spent many many hours writing individual titles and properties for each of the 75.