As a creator, thinking about a future organization, is there a way to create a page, within the Gallery, with all the works you have done?

GM GM friends.
I am new around here and I am having some doubts about the Gallery.

I can’t have, inside the gallery, as there is on Foundation, an organized page with all my pieces that are related to the same theme. On Foundation it is possible to create collections and all the pieces can be seen within that set. I ask this because it becomes complicated to organize the works on display for auction at the gallery, as the work made at Manifold is made, on sites such as linktree. The artist ends up having to create a link for each piece individually.

Thank you in advance for the information.

With our widgets, you can create a customized page like:

Otherwise a Curate page might work for your needs.


Thanks, friend. I will look.