Hi there,

The signature/mark for my contract was previewed like image below.

Unfortunately on etherscan it shows up cropped? Unless I’m seeing it incorrectly. I’d love to find a resolution in order for my contract to exemplify the signature correctly.

Malikaii Mask

Hmm - The width might be too wide. Have you tried to decrease the amount of characters?

Is that possible to do even if it’s on mainnet?

I tried to go back and do that, but manifold studio bugs out every time I click to edit the contract.

Ah if it’s on Mainnet then you will be unable to change the ASCII art

Is there a simple way of transferring all the assets to a new one?

I have ones that are released and unreleased, but everything is already set with descriptions, thumbnails, supply counts etc.

It’d shave so much time to just transfer over instead of manually doing everything again. But I’m unsure as to how possible that is from a coding perspective.

Part of it is also the fact that this contract was minted before Jan 2nd.
So that the power of royalties stay in my hands.