Auction ended, some questions (cancel sell?)

My first auction has just ended.

  1. Will all unsold nfts automatically be returned to my wallet?

  2. One nft had one bid and was sold. i know who made that bid and they say they would like to NOT go through with the purchase. is that possible? i know them and it is ok for me if they want to back out. How can i cancel the sale?

Hello! We can’t help you without more information. Could you please give us this information:

  1. Your wallet address
  2. A link to your auction

Anything else you may feel relevant in helping solve your issue.


This is the wallet: 0xcd89CE2715d0E102f63069B45C2167d80F7d09B2

And this the auction: Manifold

The sale that needs to be cancelled is this one: The Wassie Killing Factory


Ok thanks for the links.

  1. The auctions that the time has expired and have not bids, you can go into the Gallery App in studio, hit the 3 dots, and cancel or finalize the auction.

  2. For the one that did sell, my suggestion is going into the Gallery App, hitting the 3 dots to finalize the auction, and then once you receive the ETH and they receive the NFT you can just send them back to each other.

Thank you for your response and sorry for my late reply (was a bit sick)!

Unfortunately, there is no option to cancel or finalize the auctions, just to settle them. Can you confirm that this is what I should do, even with the NFTs that did not receive any bids?

Oh good catch! I just added in the cancel functionality, you should see it now.

If there are 0 bids I suggest cancelling.
The one with a bid I suggest settling and then you and the buyer can do your own exchange for the NFT/ETH back outside of manifold!

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Thank you, will do it just like that!