Base Claim logo specs and post to Warpcast

Wonderful you were able to give us a BASE Claim page.

  1. I inserted a white logo on a transparent background when building the claim page. It does not appear. What is the recommended file type/color for logos?

  2. Now that I have a Base claim page, what do I do next to get it into my Warpcast. Do you recommend it go into the BASE channel or must it go onto our home page?


Would recommend png or jpg. Just post your claim page link in Warpcast and the ability to mint with warps should appear.

I recommend you change y our UI to require an url for logo. That drives everyone to Google Drive (I don’t use it, for one).

Adobe deprecated the sharing of links on Feb 2, 2024.
Apple has never allowed sharing of links from iCloud.

My point is there is not way to put your logo on your claim page unless you use Google Drive or Dropbox.

Can you allow a Manifold user to upload a png of their logo.

This is what my page looks like - NO LOGO.

Thanks for your consideration.