Base Contracts - Claim Page funtionality


I created a base contract that will host NFT’s to be redeemable for merch through shopify. I have 2 querstions:

  1. Can said claim pages be closed whenever I choose fit if I don’t pick a date to end it? I’d like to keep the claim page open to test engagement, and give as many people as possible a fair chance to collect the NFT which will grant certain benefits to my ecosystem.

  2. I’d like the claim page to be open to the public to mint, but I want to give my current holders of other collections a FREE claim… is there a way ti have both? I have a CSV of my current holders, but it doesn’t give me an option to give them the reduced free price. Because I’d like those from the open public to pay which would reward my holders who have been with me for so long.

Thanks in advance for any help.