Base/Zora Contract “Error creating new instance” for burn redeem

Hi There –

Keep getting an error at the end of the burn/redeem process for a Zora/Base tokens

Any idea what causes it?

also, in the past hour or so, once logged into the studio, I see only blank page


Can you share your console log please? And expand any errors you might see?

Thats the only error I see and the page is blank.

You pass the login with MetaMask and now its all blank

After signing in, you get “grey out” continue button (Manifold Studio)

then, if you just try to go to – its a blank page

Also trying to get directly to a working address like “home” gets you an error message

Problem was resolved with restart and clearing cache

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If it pops again please refer to this post here:

Sounds good, I am recreating a new burn/redeem page and see if it is working.

Cool, you should be able to use your draft.