Batch mint with Video

Hello Manifold Team!

Right now the batch mint can’t be done with video files. Do you have any plans in near future to make such batch mint with video?

Thanks in advance

Hi - Definitely in plans for the future but at the moment only image/gifs are supported.

How many files are you looking to upload and how big are these files?

Thank you for quick response

Right now I am waiting an answer from FND drops. But if they won’t approve it, it will be great to make it with Manifold.

I am planning to drop 555 tokens.
It will be a loop video files (7sec). Each one around 7-15mb. Not a big size.

If it will be possible to make somehow in January, that will be great.

With the batch minting you’ll need to list the tokens one at a time as the tokens are pre minted - If you’re looking to deploy a page to mint these tokens, this isn’t possible atm.

Yes, I know the process!

I am looking for alternative own smart contract.
If FND won’t approve, it will be great to have an another contract for this collection. But need a video. Maybe less tokens 333 for example, to make it possible to mint and after list on OS.