Batch Minted 18 Nfts - Need to Set Up Open Edition for Each at a Time

Hello Lyndo,
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A few days ago I minted a batch of 18 NFts,
I do not remember seeing the option to mint them as Open Edition, I miss it.

1). Can you explain how could I take the batch of Nfts and set them up as Open Edition?

  1. How can I have an Open Edition show up
    on the platforms or at least on Opensea?
    To all the forum participants have a great Day!!

Please explain anything else that I may be missing.

I appreciate your diligent assistance in this matter. God Bless You


gm! To deploy an Open Edition you’ll need to create a claim page. If you’ve minted 18 tokens the tokens are already minted where in the case of Open Editions you’ll deploy a page that allows collectors to mint.

I appreciate it.

But I can do an batch for an Open Edition at the same time in the same process of batching?

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