Batch minting and claim page


I have a question that is a little (but hopefully not too) complicated!

I am in the process of creating a collection that will have several thousand tokens, so I’m thinking of using Manifold and the Batch minting option.

But I would like to do it this way:

Make weekly (or several times a week) drops of 200 tokens (Each token is unique) for people to claim/mint, before receiving randomly their tokens among the 200 when it’s drop time.

Would it be possible to do this with Manifold? I guess I would need my batched tokens to be available on a claim page?

gm! The claim page tool at this time only allows for one artwork with multiple editions. In this case the collectors pay the gas costs to mint the token.

With batch minting, the tokens are ‘pre-minted,’ you wouldn’t distribute the token through a claim page as they have already been minted and exist on the blockchain.

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Thank you Lyndo! Just to ask, do you know a way to batch mint 200 1/1 tokens to a claim page?

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This would be more in the form of a collectibles drop. Possible with the Manifold contract but would require a bit of custom code.