Batch minting extension update duplicated tokens on goerli

I was using the batch minting extension to upload and update the metadata in batch of my new series on Goerli.

Yesterday i added a new token into the batch minting extension and edited the metadata/description of 2 other pieces and when i clicked “Update on Goerli”, it simply duplicated all my previous NFTs.

Since then i deleted the batch minting extension (because i can’t reorder, which is a bummer), so i can upload them one by one on mainnet, in my preferred order.

Now i have each NFT listed only once on manifold studio (btw, i’m really glad that deleting the extension doesn’t delete the tokens from the contract!), but have them duplicated on goerli.

So how can i delete these duplicate tokens from OpenSea Goerli?

I tried to send one token to the ETH burn address “0x00…dEAD”, but its still listed on OpenSea.

Goerli is really useful to get feedback and test the metadata setup.

Goerli is a test network. There is no need to delete duplicate tokens on goerli. They are not ‘real’.

I use goerli to test the collection look and metadata filter BEFORE minting the real thing.

Update: the deleted tokens took 24h+ to disappear from OpenSea, but they still counted on the metadata filters.