Batch Minting receiving "Error Minting"

Hello! I’m currently having another issue at the moment. Someone’s trying to batch mint two and has been getting errors. They also said they tried to mint it one by one but still received an error.

My Wallet Address: 0xcEF52bb0B18237fedD08647006621a8Ae69d2464

This is the screenshot they sent me.

gm! Can you provide a bit more information? Can you provide the link to the purchase page? Do you have the wallet address for this user unable to mint? Is it happening to other collectors?

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gm! the link to the purchase page is: TECHNICOLOR | Manifold

and the wallet trying to mint is: 0xB2816F2af4ac2Ef5cE4227B5dF585c7C8721aCe7

This is the first time we’ve encountered this issue. Everyone that has minted only minted one, so as of now it’s just his wallet that is receiving this batch minting error.

Just pinging this chat to follow up on if there’s any updates or progress on this?

gm! Is there a record of the transaction that failed from the collectors wallet? We are unable to recreate this issue on our end. I’m able to trigger the transaction and the wallet has enough funds.