Batch of Tokens, The button doesn't work?: "Mint a Mainnet"

Hello, the “Mint a Mainnet” button appears gray for me, it won’t let me move forward with the collection, what’s the problem?

I want to create a collection with multiple nfts of different art so that each investor can claim and randomly get one of the NFTs from the collection…

This is possible?

The mechanic you’re looking for isn’t supported in studio at this time. What you’re describing is more of a collectibles style drop. Batch minting is preminting tokens to yourself, not deploying a mint page for other collectors to mint tokens from.

It’s possible but you’ll need to write your own custom smart contract extension.

Thanks for responding so quickly and for the information.

After I make the contract… where can I paste it on the page? so I can get a random minting menu or something?

Hmmm - Not clear on the mechanic you’re looking to achieve, but our case studies might be helpful in figuring out how artists were able to achieve certain results: Overview - Manifold Docs