Best Approach to a Minting Page (Different Than a Free Claim Page) Through Manifold?

Gm! This is tangentially a follow-up to a Discord support thread I had open the other week regarding some pipelines between NFTs, oncyber, and the Shopify Merch Bridge Plugin.

Key Contextual Points:

  • We are planning to have 4 separate 3D GLB-based NFTs in 20 editions each (so 80 NFTs to be minted/sold in total)

  • The user will encounter these NFTs in a custom oncyber space (the oncyber aspect is already most built out and public as of last week)

  • The plan was to use the pipeline that existed between oncyber and NFTs listed on opensea’s secondary market to create a seamless in-space point-of-sale UX (where in a few clicks someone can walk up to a digital asset on display, purchase an NFT edition of said pre-minted via the opensea secondary market through the big “buy now” or “view on opensea” buttons that have existed in oncyber on the past)

  • For better and/or worse, that clean UX functionality between oncyber and opensea no longer exists, and has no ETA for a fix

With no direct and mostly-in-metaverse ability to purchase an NFT in oncyber currently, we are exploring other options for minting/selling those 4 NFTs (each in 20 editions), since the user will now need to leave oncyber regardless (until oncyber releases at some point one of two functionalities we could use instead), and we will need to direct them somewhere else anyway.

Key Question:

  • If we wish to go the route of setting up a minting page through Manifold (as seen in Pak’s ASH Chapter Two drop, for example, minus the randomization aspect), is the best way to do that currently to simply set up 4 different claim pages (1 for each look, each with 20 editions), and add a price? I was looking through the documentation and didn’t see any super clear guidance on how to create a “mint” page (as opposed to a “free claim” page) otherwise.

To see a visualization of what we’re trying to do for more context, you can go to M0DAL and walk up to one of the 4 mannequins at spawn. We minted one of each of the looks on a 721 through Manifold for the launch event, but decided not mint the other editions given the issues encountered above, and reassess. (We will most likely create a new contract once we decide on a minting/selling method – ie. those tokens are likely to be for display purposes only, now.)

Please let me know if this all makes sense or if you need more context!

(Note: The Shopify Merch Bridge plugin doesn’t really affect this stage of the dilemma AFAIK – I think we mostly got that figured out in Discord talking to Yung the other week, and it’s all fairly separate from the minting process – but please let me know if you see a potential issue there. For context, token hodlers will in the future be able to claim a corresponding IRL made-to-order version of the clothing item represented in the 3D-GLB based token, but I believe we have things mostly figured out on that end for now.)

Thank you, frens of many folds!

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Claim pages allow you to set a price so you can definitely set up one for each edition :slight_smile:

Check out the claim page FAQ: Claim Page FAQ - Manifold Docs

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Roger that, thank you! Sounds like it’s a pretty simple and straightforward solution, then, if it’s just setting up a claim page for each, and adding a price – will relay that to the team and consider that in our next steps!