Best practices for an established NFT artist to deploy a new Manifold contract?

I’m collaborating with an established visual artist to release a collection of ERC-721 NFTs in video format. This is our first time exploring Manifold Studio and we are trying to figure out if it’s the best option for the drop.

We would love for our NFTs to be listed on the artist’s OpenSea page and bear the signature of his established public address. I assume, though, that to release the NFTs using Manifold Studio, we will have to launch a new contract, and therefore the NFTs will NOT be visible on the artist’s main page, because they will be listed under the new contract. Is this the case?

If so, is there a way we can mint the NFTs so that it’s clear they were created by the artist - I.e. signed by their established public address? Or would the artist have to publicly claim the new contract address that is published for the drop?