Bug: Attributes are not found for Polygon or Goerli contracts

:frowning: i I’m running into a blocking bug where in Manifold merch bridge rules I am unable to filter by attribute for contracts that are not on Ethereum. I would love some tech support.

I have detailed this issue in this loom: Log into Loom | Loom

Ultimately, if this problem isn’t solved we won’t be able to use merch bridge :frowning:

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Can you provide your token address so we can investigate?

Thanks for the reply! I’ve noticed it with every non-Ethereum contract address.

Here is the Polygon address I was testing it with: 0x16Cfd56a56259773E56123824BE05458D6C0D50D

After you look into it, it would be great to know if this is something you can fix and how long it would take. Thanks! :pray:

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Upon investigation of the network requests in the Token Gate section - I think the issue may be that you pass matic, as a query param vs matic

This is the error response:
{error: "Must pass in query param stage"}


Tried a few different Polygon contracts with attributes and none seem to work, FYI. Works okay on Ethereum.

Thanks for the report. This should now be fixed!

Thank you for the quick fix here! Really appreciate it

I am seeing this same issue on a goerli erc721:


Tokengate section is making the get request to:

and this is the response:

{"error":"Must pass in query param stage"}

This should now be fixed.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I still see a 502 server error returned when hitting it. Something changed though because it doesn’t return the Must pass in query param stage message.


Give it a shot now. Should be fixed