Bug with manifold. Minted on wrong network, didn't receive NFT

Hi Manifold Community,

I need some help. I was trying to mint : https://app.manifold.xyz/c/Ser

This collection is on mainnet ETH. I was on OP network, i did not realize. But the manifold site did not show wrong network. I was able to mint and the TX went through on OP :


I did not receive the NFT i was trying to mint as well. I think there is a frontend bug on Manifold. Can anyone assist me? Are my funds lost forever?


I just spoke to the creator of An Oath to $er. He mentioned that my funds that got transferred to DeBank | Your DeFi wallet does not belong to him. It seems that there has been an exploit or a malicious actor causing this to happen. Please assist ASAP.


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BUMP. can any mods/team please assist? have been reaching out on all platforms but have not got a response yet

Any team members please?

What wallet are you using?

We suspect we know what happened here. Did you open the page while connected to mainnet, switch to another tab and change to arbitrum, then come back?


No. i was connected to OPTIMISM all the way as mentioned in the first post. I was not connected to arbitrum on any tabs/windows.

Could I get some visibility of whats going to happen? Am I able to get a refund for the lost funds? I reached out the the project owner he told me to claim it from Manifold as the bug was with the platform.


Yes, sorry, was responding to another thread.

Was it the case where you initially loaded the page using mainnet, then switched to another tab, then changed to optimism and switched back? Would like to understand exactly what happened here so we can dig further.

I just sent you a refund for the amount you paid via mainnet a mainnet transaction:

Sorry about that and we’ve patched this problem.

Nope. I loaded the page on Optimism. If i remember correctly I had only one tab opened at that time. It didn’t occur to me I was on OP i thought i was on mainnet. I clicked the mint button and the transaction went through. Only after it went through did i realize it was on OP.

The UI did not prompt me to switch networks or notify me that I was on the wrong network.

Thank you for the update and refund. Appreciate it.


Odd, haven’t been able to reproduce that. If you check out a claim page now, it does show ‘Wrong Network’, right? I was able to reproduce the issue by loading the page on ETH, then switching network on another tab. But not straight away.

Are you able to recreate the issue while on OP at all? Thanks for the additional context.