[Help] Strange transaction on Arbitrum when trying to mint on mainnet

Hi all

I clicked a link on twitter for a mint (https://twitter.com/a_marrast/status/1628530072494669825?s=20)
My wallet was set to Arbitrum One at the time, but I did not notice, normally the pages say wrong network or prompt a connect.
Clicked on mint 2 pieces
signed the transaction for 0.192 eth (2x 0.096)
Nothing happened. Checked my NFTs and it was not there, also no recent tx on etherscan.
So went to mint again and it said wrong network. checked arbiscan and there is a send… in arbitrum for 0.192 eth (https://arbiscan.io/tx/0x0f3fc51022828665a8aa819f090bf8b35e0b0cbcd8bb29e9a722e8abbf18cb68)
Changed to ethereum and minted 1.
Now everytime I try to recreate the error i cant. It says wrong network.
I have been waiting for a bit to see if its a sort of feature to pay on L2 and mint on L1 but does not look likely.
Can the 0.192 eth on arbitrum be retrieved and returned? or 2 pieces be minted on ethereum.


I have the same issue but on Optimism. I have reached out to the team on discord and this forum but there’s no response. There is a serious bug on the manifold site causing users like 0x1 and myself to lose funds.

Refer to my thread here: Bug with manifold. Minted on wrong network, didn't receive NFT - #4 by imperium

Would appreciate if you guys can respond and refund the loss funds.

Thank you

What wallet are you using?

We suspect we know what happened here. Did you open the page while connected to mainnet, switch to another tab and change to arbitrum, then come back?

Hey there, sorry for the delay. Have sent you the appropriate refund! We’ve patched this so it can’t happen again:

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