Bulk Metadata Editing?

Having to click New Property" 10-15 times per token, and then type in standard metadata context each time is an arduous process. Would love to a.) move the “new property” button to the very bottom, below the metadata properties on the token, so I can easily just click and add, without having to scroll up and then back down. And even better would be b.) an ability to add a “standard metadata” list, so I could say I want every one of my tokens to include properties about the camera I shot it on, the year it was taken, and so on. That way, every token would automatically be preloaded with those property traits and all that would be left for me to do is add the camera type, and the year it was taken. (Rather than hitting “new property” 2x, “Camera, Pentax K1000, Year, 2019” etc.)

Alternatively, being able to import/upload metadata from a spreadsheet would be great, too! Cause then I could copy + paste.