Bulk metadata upload, claim page

anybody else run into this issue? cant upload CSV file

screenshot https://i.imgur.com/VZI3Uvu.jpg

Hi! Thanks for reaching out - Can you provide a bit more info here? Can you send a link to the Claim Page you’re looking to edit the tokens for?

How many ERC721 tokens have been minted? How many tokens are in the CSV?

500 total, 69 minted

when i upload the csv it says “successfully uploaded”. i used to see the tokens at that point. now when i do it, it is similar to prior screenshot.

thank you so much for taking a look

Got it - Just a heads up you’ll be adding the token metadata for tokens that aren’t minted yet.

Hmmm, not sure why you’re seeing this. Can you email the CSV to studio@manifold.xyz and we’ll investigate? As long as there are 501 entries it should work well.

just sent email - thank you

It says that CSV was uploaded, but list is empty (no error), just all updated, but unfortunately no tokens to edit. Might be that this is a global issue and not just you

same here… hope to solve

Hi all, this should be now resolved!

Please try again. And if it still doesn’t work, please ensure the url’s are correct and post a screenshot of the errors.

will check it out - thanks so much!

Still having a bit of issue, wondering if you can help me:

My main goal is to update tokens to display SVG files instead of PNG

All tokens load in app now, nice thumbnails (thanks!)
Uploading to Arweave seems ok
Publishing changes seems ok

However, the only token that is successfully displaying a SVG file is Aperture 1 https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x992a3e23e4f53b4c02639913a3572f5b29b837b6/2

All of the others still display PNG files

Interestingly, the text attributes successfully update on ALL tokens (for example I changed the word “day” to “daytime” as an experiment)

thank you again for your help!

Got it - Looking into it further, it seems like this is an issue with Opensea’s cache.