Burn and Redeem a Random Token?

I would love to let a person burn a token and then receive a new token that is from a set of New Tokens of say 1000 tokens. Is this possible - if so I am not able to figure it out.

Burn Token A then send human New Token #675. Idea would be to let someone burn a token to get kind of a surprise token.

Thank you for your help.

It’s possible but there are elements to this that are not supported with Manifold Studio at this time. You can allow for a token to be burned and then redeemed for a new 721.

ie - A thread like this might be helpful to read through but is done at your own risk. Additionally it’s possible to code a custom mechanic that could do these mechanics:

Has the burn set of token been released already?

Thank you Lyndo for the response - enjoying this old school forum async chat.

No token for the burn set has been released. Only the very first part - an open edition Like is going right now.

I read that thread, I understand - I think I will readjust my mechanic a bit to fit within the constraints of manifold…