Burn Error "Invalid bignumber string"

Getting this error, never seen before

Hey there, can you share more details? Will be looking into this asap.

So I deleted the draft and re formatted it and it seemed to work. I think the problem lies in the ability to select “all tokens” when choosing the token and contract. This seems to be a new feature and originally I had chosen “all tokens” (or any tokens, I forget the exact wording) and after I deleted and re started, I chose single or specific token.

Awesome, I’m on this Guido. Thank you as always for the patience and trying out all the new features we make so we can fix&find these oddball issues. Hugely appreciated.

As a shot in the dark since I’m having some trouble recreating this at the moment: Do you remember any other aspects of the configuration? For example, was it a 721 or an 1155 burn contract? Presuming 721 since “All Tokens” is only a feature for 721 right now.

Any chance you had the tab open a really long time or something random like that? Maybe the burn amount was really high?

Trying to shorten the list of possibilities on my end. Thank you so much!

It was 1155. The token was sicilian kiss to be burned, 3;1. The tab wasnt open long, I was pretty quick putting it together.

Awesome, big help thank you Guido.