Burn existing token from Claim Page for Burn Redeem App

Good morning,

Is there a way to create a Burn to Redeem page using existing token that was created from the Claim Page within the same ERC-1155 contract? Please let me know.


Hmmm - So you would burn a different token for a token that was previously created with a claim?

That is correct. I don’t want to create a new token for the burn to redeem page.

Got it - Unfortunately this isn’t supported atm

Is it possible to code a custom page to burn ERC-1155 tokens created from the Claim page then?

Hmmm you’re looking to build your own? We have some tooling for this mechanic in our BurnRedeem app. Some examples of it being in use here: Burn Redeem - Manifold Docs

Yes, I’m looking to build my own page since none of the app from manifold allows me to reuse existing tokens. I’ve already rollout the page and now I need a burn page for existing tokens before they can claim the prize.