Burn Mechanism for an old compromised wallet's tokens

Hello. My old Metamask wallet got compromised a while back. I was wondering what’s the best way to remint the old works - Is it possible to create some sort of burn mechanism for collectors in order to burn the old token and receive a new one minted with my new manifold’s contract? Please let me know if you have other ideas!

Gm! I’m sorry to hear that happened. We don’t have a mechanic for this kind of scenario atm. If you have the technical background to code an extension you can customize a burn and redeem campaign but some creators have done this manually as well. Once your collector burns the old token, you can transfer the new one over.

So the best way remains to let em burn the tokens and airdrop the new ones?
I’ve asked about this mechanism so they didn’t have to lose the provenance etc. :,)