Burn OE for work from a new collection with unique works

I had a look around but could not find the clear answer to this.

I have a OE I made a couple months back (erc721) and I was thinking that I could have collectors burn that token and redeem for a work from a new contract that contained 400 new and unique tokens vs burning and receiving another edition again.

Am I misunderstanding this as it doesnt look to be possible? If not any work arounds for this scenario?


This mechanic isn’t possible atm but I’d love to hear a little more. You’re describing something a little closer to a collectibles mechanic.

Would collectors know which artwork or token they would be burning for? Or would this be more of a blind drop?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure what collectibles is but it seems to make sense to me that people who bought a OE could use that as a token to redeem for a proper full collection vs burning for another edition.

Ideally collectors would burn their OE and receive a random work from the new series as a blind drop.

As an aside I realised this would also be hard as I cant see any way on Manifold UI to upload or add your own json / csv metadata and would need to manually input that which in my case would be manually entering metadata for around 400 works. I am I missing something here?


It’s actually possible with a ‘reveal’ type mechanic. You would burn your OE for a 721, then update the 721 metadata afterwards.