Burn one dynamic NFT to get multiple individual NFT

Hi guys!

I’m creating dynamic NFT where I’m using multiple infrared images and the holder can switch between them by clicking on it.

But it doesn’t really look good on virtual galleries, since only the thumbnail is showing.

Is there a way now or in an upcoming feature, where one holder can burn 1 dynamic NFT and get X tokens back?

For example, I have an open edition for a dynamic NFT using 3 images. What I would like is for the holder to be able to burn it, and receive 1 NFT for each image, 3 NFTs in my case.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

Hi - Whether or not the token is Dynamic, it’s possible to burn but the feature you’re mentioning isn’t possible. It’s possible to do with your collector manually if you’re in contact with them for the 3 tokens.