Burn One for a Different Quantities of Redeem Tokens

I am hoping to run a mint where people will be able to get one of three different tiers of art. I then want to allow people to burn the art they minted for redeem tokens. However, since there are three tiers of art in the original mint, I would like them to be worth different amounts of the redeem token. For example, I am wondering if the tier 1 art can be redeemable for 5 redeem tokens, while the tier 2 art can be redeemable for 10 redeem tokens.

Thank you for any input you can give,

Hi! This is great product feedback for us - Right now this isn’t supported in the burn redeem app but we’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Sounds like you’d want to setup a page with the 3 campaigns and then allow the user to select 1 of the 3 to burn for different amounts?

Yeah, that is what I am planning to do at this point. Thanks! I love the creativity that Manifold allows for!