Burn-redeem 721?

Hey there good folks of Manifold!
1st thank you for all you !

I minted an open claim back in July , that was my 1st and did it with my original contract, which was an ERC-721.

Question: when the “burn-redeem” app becomes available, will it be possible to burn 721’s to claim an 1155? Or a 721?


I have this question too.

Read Richerd.eth tweet Nov 17 that Burn and Redeem app is available, but there is nothing under Apps.

Where can I begin? Have two 1155s ready.


Hey! :slight_smile:

Currently it will only support ERC-1155 tokens from Manifold Creator contracts. Support for 721s might come in the future but no ETA for that yet.

Will it be compatible with multiple mint-options, like AlphaCentauriKid’s? Or is the app exclusively one-to-one like Guidos? If just one-to-one, will the burn-to-mint app or contract code be open source?

I was hoping to launch a burn-to-mint today with multiple minting options, so just wondering if I’ll have to build a quick app myself for that.

Hey, any word on wen burn to claim for 721 tokens?
Thank you!

This is now available.