Burn-Redeem 721

Released a 721 collection.

25 editions of each of the 4 different 721 tokens.

I would like to do a 721 burn that requires 1 of each of the 4 to burn into one final nft.

I don’t see a way to do this because each NFT has a different token ID so I cannot select a token range to burn.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

gm - Right now this isn’t supported. It’s definitely a mechanic we’ll be exploring in the near future. No timeline just yet but we’re working on it!

Does burning a 721 token remove that token id?
If I burn id 55 and the redeem is the next id; does the redeemed token become 55 or is 55 lost?
Trying to wrap my head around this setup.

It would be better to burn an 1155 to get a new 721 1/1 that doesn’t affect token id. I know this is sort of ridiculous from a creator perspective. At least cost wise.

But right now, burning 721 1/1 for 721 1/1 OR 721 X/X for 721 1/1 doesn’t really work imo.

Especially if it burns a token id.

gm - Just curious if there’s now a timeline for this? I’m looking for the ability to require a burn of multiple 721s to receive a new 721, e.g. 4/1. Thanks!

Still no timeline but we’re still working away to add new features to the burnredeem mechanic!

Thanks for the quick reply! Have an awesome day!

Depends on the contract of the 721. If it’s a manifold token, yes 100% the ID gets scrubbed and nothing can mint on the token ID going forward as well. So in your example yes 55 is “lost” ie deleted from the memory of the contract and set so that token’s tokenURI will return “Does Not Exist” in some way form.

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