Burn Redeem - All 1155 or Token Range BURN for another 1155 token

This option is only available for ERC721.
Will there be a similar feature for 1155?
Currently, the option is to choose 1 specific token ID from the 1155 smart contract to burn for another newly minted work.

What you want to do should be possible now:

To clarify:

The token range option is not there yet for 1155s. I’ll update you here when that feature is available for 1155 burnables.

You could in the meantime, use timed windows to allow people to burn each individual 1115 you want to allow. In that situation, you’d initialize the burn to allow for a specific 1155 to be burned. Then at some point, you’d update the burn to only allow some other 1155 token to be burned. You’d let your community know when their timeslot is. It is not the ideal UX but it will satisfy your needs for now! I’ll post back when you can select token range for an 1155 contract in the burn configuration.

that is the killer feature we all need

And it’s out! Go give it a whirl and if you have any issues please open a new forum post so I can track the issue. Cheers :heart_on_fire:

In case you don’t see the other response, this feature is now live! If you have any issues with the feature please open a new forum post. Thank you for the patience :pray: :heart_on_fire:

Awesome. Trying it out now.

The link doesn’t seem to work.

Link is working now. Took a little time to work.

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Love hearing this. Awesome.

Is there anyway for us to limit the amount of mints per address?
I had one person burn 25 of the same erc1155 for 25 of the new erc1155.

At the moment no, if they own a massive amount of the burnable token and the supply has a massive amount left, they can mint as many as they want until the total supply is met or they run out of burnable tokens.

Will let you know if we ever come up with a solution for that but as it stands right now, the contract itself has no safeguards to prevent what you just explained so there is no plan to support it.

It’s very difficult to get around the problem you described, as the second they hit a limit, they could always transfer their unburned NFTs to new wallet and continue redeeming from that wallet. Having an allowlist is sort of antithetical to the idea of a burn-redeem so that also complicated things.

Hope that clears up the thinking a little bit!

Will report back if we decide to make a hybrid allowlist feature!

Thank you for the explanation.
This was a huge achievement.
Congratulations and thanks to everyone at Manifold.

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Ahhh so kind. Thank you godwits and let us know next time ya got any more cool ideas :slight_smile: