Burn Redeem APP bug

i must change the content in a token in burn redeem app but if i go on edit on page/step 2 i get this error can’t click forward

Slug unavailable

please help is really important

thank you

Is this happening for any slug you input or a specific one? What is the slug?

Hi Lyndo,

Briefly about the background why I have to exchange the token, I am currently integrating all the pieces from the old wallet into the new wallet, I exchange the token content on the old one and then airdrop the artwork back to the collectors from the new wallet.

burn page link:

there is the content change but i can´t write the new content into the token on blockchain

link to opensea for the token there is still the old artwork inside


Hmmm - Have you confirmed a transaction to write the new image or are you unable to get to that step in studio? Trying to get a bit more information on where exactly you’re stuck.


unable to get to the end for change finally on blockchain always on point 1/2 the message shows up

Hmmm seems ok on my end - When you see the error message can you take a screenshot of your console? This will help us dig further in. Instructions here: Reporting Issues to the Forum - Manifold Docs

good morning,

hi Lyndo,

any progress? The collectors are currently writing to me about the token because it is the last one and is not yet integrated into the new wallet…

thank you

gm - Thanks for your patience! We have identified the issue on our end. It looks like your burn redeem page using (“BURN”) conflicts with another burn redeem page (“burn”). I know it’s not ideal but we’ll need to configure a different URL. If you tell us what slug you would like to use, we can change it for you manually and get you up and running,

Hi Lyndo,

change it to something i only must can change the content after i airdrop the holders from the new wallet the artwork again

thanks a lot =)

Do you have a URL you would like us to use? To clarify your message, you want to be able to edit the content after it has been deployed?

yes is the last token of the old wallet i changed all tokens content and after i airdropped from the new one to the collectors…

change the url to


big thanks for your help =)

can you write shortly if you have changed the url so i can do the last transfer directly

Hi @HANNESWINDRATH, I will change it now and reply once it’s done

Ok, it’s done now: BURN FOR PIGGY

Try the update again when you get a chance. Thanks for your patience!

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big thank you guys =)