Burn Redeem App - Displaying old image file

Hey yo Manifold community!

I have set up a Burn Redeem page for an 1155 for a new 1155. When I launched it, I realized the page was displaying the older image file and hasn’t updated to the new file. Anyway to get it to have it manually retrieve the new image?

Burn page reference:

Token to be burned:

Thanks for your help! <3

gm - Did you change the redeem asset image in the Burn/Redeem page as well? Can you share a screenshot of that page? It should be the first tab.

Thanks for the reply, Lyndo. Maybe I wasn’t clear- the redeem token is correct, but as you can see in the links above, the token that is being burnt is displaying incorrectly - it is pulling an older version of the image on the burn page.