🔥 Burn Redeem App is now live!

The Burn Redeem App is now live for all creators.

Visit the Apps tab in Manifold Studio to get started.

Happy Burning :fire::fire::fire:

For more information check out our docs:

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Awesome!! Can’t wait to use this app.

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That’s amazing, loved to create my first two burn-redeems!

A question: when the time window for burning ends, what happens to the non-redeemed quantity? Does it disappear, or does it get minted “normal”?

this app is great!

would be AMAZING if this could be updated to also allow for burning of NFTs from 721 contracts :slight_smile: this would def be less gas efficient for users but is needed for some legacy contracts (i.e. i’d love to have burn redemptions to reduce the supply of an old 721 contract i created)


Love this feedback - You’re considering this for a Manifold contract?

Just seeing this message now - Non-redeemed quantity will be similar to that of the claim page, those tokens simply won’t be minted.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Btw, I got a problem - I am trying to edit my two burn / redeem pages, but I can’t access them, all I see is a white page and a turning wheel which goes on forever. Please advise, thank you in advance!

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correct :slight_smile: burning genetic nfts from a non-manifold contract to mint on a manifold one

the pattern to me that would probably fit well with your system would be adding to step 2 on the burn redeem flow to also recognize generic contracts created by the address that adhere to erc1155 and erc721 interfaces (though you probably also would want to add logic to support 721 manifold contracts too which i assume would come for free but ofc i don’t know how your backend works exactly)

i’m not familiar with the internals of the burn redeem app so it’s possible this is more complicated in reality, perhaps if burn redeem leverages the extensions paradigm that manifold contracts implement. if that’s the case i can think of at least one solution with a wrapping contract that gets wrapped, transferred, then burned as one unit but ofc this is more complicated

in any case, i would want functionality allowing me to burn any number of generic erc-721 NFTs from a specific, not necessarily manifold contract to redeem X amounts of an NFT from a manifold contract (so basically the same implementation as in step 3, though i imagine this is part of the complication related to not supporting 721 at this time)