Burn Redeem App Showing "No Contracts"

I can create the “redeem asset” but when I go to step two, it doesn’t show my contract, but I am logged in with the correct wallet.

Page errors below

gm! Just a heads up Burn Redeem only supports 1155 contracts atm, if your contract is a 721 this is why you aren’t able to see it here.

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I have 1155 and 721 on this contract. Are the contracts set up as either 1155 or 721 when you mint the contract?

Can you send an example of a contract that you’re referring to? A contract is either an ERC721 or an ERC1155, they won’t be both.

This is my contract, I minted 721s but also 1155s when I did open editions through the claim page. But they won’t show up to burn.


After reading your post I did mint an 1155 contract as well, and that one shows up as able to select something to burn.

But I did an open edition on the above contract, and I intended to do a burn with those tokens, since they were 1155s. Is there any way to “move” them to the 1155 contract? Or to burn them through the 721 contract.

You’ll need to have ERC1155 tokens deployed with this wallet in order to create the burn tokens.

At this time BurnRedeem doesn’t support ERC721 - We’ll support it in the future but don’t have a timeline just yet.

Hi, any update on the burn-redeem for 721 tokens? Or any suggestion on how to do so? Thank you!

gm! No timeline, but soon!