Burn redeem app


I created my first multi burn, which in itself is a great expansion of the burns. Unfortunately, it is not possible to freely combine several tokens…

Option 1
in my case I had budgeted for 3 tokens for a new one. You can either say when creating a token from the contract 3 times. Unfortunately with this option it is not possible to select 3 times in the burn page or 2 times + 1 token. You always have to choose 3 different tokens.

Option 2
you only create one token in the burn redemm app then you can then only select the same token 3 times on the burn page.

Another point is that people have written to me because with option 1

3x one token each it is a bit confusing with the selection. It would be desirable if you could simply select the desired amount of tokens X times in the same mask on the burn page.

thanks =)

Appreciate the feedback! To clarify for Option 1, you’re looking to burn 2 of the same token and 1 additional? Do you have examples of the tokens you’re looking to burn would help us think about this usecase more

It would be just cool if the person who burns can choose freely when I say 2 or 4 or 10 are needed so that the person can determine which tokens and in what quantity they take for the burning when I say all tokens from this collection/contract.

and then just one page instead of 2 or 4 or 10 for the selection just click on the tokens and select the quantity instead of jump to toekn 2 and 3 like the screenshot

would be great some people ask right now why only separate instead of freedom of choose

thank you Lyndo

is it now clearly?