Burn / Redeem burning OpenSea tokens

i created a burn redeem page using one of my OpenSea token, which i am holding. when i go to the burn redeem page, it tells me that “i am not eligible for this burn”… can you have a look at what i did wrong.

the idea is to move this token to my manifold contract while conserving it’s provenance…

this is the B/R page: Black Sand #01

this is the desired burn token: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/68483273105741834400579866867451000511769371677367805710829518679622652264449


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This is probably an error on our side, will investigate, but end of day so will likely check this out tomorrow.

In the meantime, can you share a screenshot that shows your connected address? Thanks.

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Thank you!
Here’s the screen shot

I’ve identified the issue, even though it says ‘minted’ on opensea, it doesn’t appear that this token was ever actually minted:

Under activity, you can see the initial ‘mint’ doesn’t have a transaction link. OpenSea ‘lazy’ mints, meaning, for tokens like this, they aren’t actually created until someone buys them.

You can see that, even on etherscan, this token doesn’t exist:

Great, thank you! This is exactly why I want to migrate my OS token to my contract!
Thank you for everything you guys do!

Come to think of it, why did the contract let me use that “token” to create the page? Shouldn’t it be checked? it checks the contract… it sucks because now I can’t use that page and it cost me around $20 in gas to create it… and I’ll probably have to pay more gas to burn it.

We don’t check if you’re manually entering the token info, but that’s a great suggestion. We’ll add this, and sorry for the trouble.

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Thank you, no worries. What if i freeze the metadata? sounds like that would actually mint the token? and then be usable?

You should be able to trigger the mint on opensea then migrate. But I’m unfamiliar with the opensea api. Could give it a shot.

ok, this is what OS said:

  • the NFT was created using the OpenSea create button and it was lazily minted. NFTs created on OpenSea aren’t actually ‘minted’ onto the blockchain until they are purchased or sent to another wallet. This is the reason why the NFT has not yet appeared on the blockchain. Freezing its metadata would not mint the item on the blockchain as it must be transferred or sold.*

transferred my NFT to another wallet and back. It now shows up on IPFS, but it still says You are not eligible for this burn

is there another issue?
thank you!

Your token exists now! Let me see why it doen’t show up. To confirm, when you log in, you don’t see the token?

OMG. We know why. It’s because OpenSea is NOT adhering to ERC1155 specs. See here:

So, you have a transfer from you to 0xfae8C08e35346579Af875BA324CB5D7ec09A165f, which causes your balance to be -1. Then from 0xfae8C08e35346579Af875BA324CB5D7ec09A165f back to you, which causes the balance to be 0.

They’re missing the initial ‘mint’ transaction from 0x0 to you (which should have made your balance +1)

The only way to do this is to send it to the other wallet and burn/redeem from the other wallet.