Burn Redeem, Can I use 1 burn token for multiple redeem tokens?


I want to create tiered editions with a burn redeem contract. ex. 1 edition will be open, one will be 30, one 10 and a 1/1.

Is it possible to set it up so that one can burn X amount of the open edition to receive the edition of 30. Burn Y amount for the edition of 10. Burn Z amount for the 1/1?

Or is it a 1/1 ratio kind of thing where you can only burn 1 token for another.

Thank you in advance for you help!

Hi just wanted to clarify what you’re looking to do - Are you looking to create 1 Open Edition and then use that to burn in different increments for the edition of 30, 10 and 1?

If this is the case, that is definitely possible creating multiple burn campaigns!


I had a similar question. Not sure if i’m supposed to open a new topic of continue discussion here.

I was wondering if I could do a claim page for a photo stack(a collage of 3 photos) as an OE, which can be later be burned to redeem any 1 of the 3 photos within the stack and the user gets a chance to pick which photo they can get once they burn the photo stack.

If this is possible could you direct me to how it can be done?


You could create 3 burn campaigns (one for each photo in the collage) that use the claim token as token to be burned


ohh that makes sense. thank you so much <3

ok thank you so much! So I can just have 1 open edition and then have multiple burn campaigns for that edition, got it.