Burn redeem “could not calculate gas limit - execution reverted” error

GM! I have someone who is getting the “could not calculate gas limit - execution reverted” error. Everyone else has had no issues so far. There’s a topic from May 4 where this was also an issue. It was a while ago so I’d like to confirm, is re-publishing the burn redeem page still the fix?

I would not re-publish. Can you give more info about the situation?

  1. Who is trying to burn (wallet address)
  2. The link to your burn redeem
  3. Any other info you think may help!


Wallet: 0xd4a329ab1d2fffd47b994a11a45ed10d0a997edb
Browser: Chrome
Burn/Redeem: At the Hilt of the Sword

ok - looks like they have all the right tokens required. Would it be possible for you to point them to this thread so they can include screenshots of the error they are getting?

Hi. Still does not work for some reason. I just joined and it says new users cannot upload photos or videos. Trying to burn TigerBob At the Hilt of the Sword… I either get error unknown account #0 message or I get can not calculate gas; msg reverted.

The contract doesn’t seem to prompt my wallet to approve the transaction. I’ve moved the tokens out of a hard wallet to a mint wallet to minimize friction. Same issues come up.

GM! Any update on this?