Burn Redeem Custom Audience?

Happy Sunday. Just wondering if there’s a feature that allows me to set a burn redeem window for a custom audience?

For example I’m planning on having a free edition claim open to everyone. Once the timed editions are done there will be a burn for anyone interested.

Burn #1 (Slimez Holders): Wednesday (Oct 18th) @ 5:30pm - 8:30pm EST (1x edition + .005 ETH)
Burn #2 (Non-Holders): Wednesday (Oct 18th) @ 8:45pm - 11:45pm EST (2x editions + .015 ETH)

So I’m planning on having two burn windows for Slimez holders and non-holders. Just curious if there’s a way to have a burn where it’s available only to a certain custom audience? Thank you

Yup you should be able to edit the burn throughout the campaign

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Is there a way to input a custom audience for one window of the burn? I don’t think I saw that option.

Thank you!