Burn-redeem feedback from creator (two large issues, other smaller issues)

I am currently using burn-redeem to host a new project this week seen here: threads of being | ChatGPT x totty.eth

The experience has been great! However here are some things that would make it even better:


  • On mobile the page is cut off severely with no way to zoom out or scroll sideways. This is a major blocker for minters/claimers as they are unable to see any marketplace links and thus cannot verify the pieces on marketplaces where they may feel more comfortable/familiar with vetting
  • Links in formatting for description do not render obviously and look like normal text. (See how i put ‘click me’ on links in my claim). Additionally they seem to implicitly add a line break before the url which is distracting when embedding links in a paragraph. Perhaps change this to have no line break and to change text color + underline when embedding a url using Markdown? I’m more concerned about this leading to less vetting of the artist/page/asset on the users side. we should build to subconsciously guide users toward safer security practices and small things like url formatting help with this (in both of these i’m mostly alluding to copycat minters/fake contracts and drops that could mimic real drops)


  • In studio, if you click on ‘preview page’ then the formatting/CSS rules for all other tabs in the burn redeem app on the creator studio side break until you reload the tab. This is particularly breaking for editing of descriptions and text boxes as they render the text in the wrong place and make it a headache to edit. Good fix to prevent speedbumps for non-technical users who may not instantly reload (and this may have a save bug associated with it but i haven’t tested this)
  • The markdown formatting for description of the burn redemption (not of the NFT itself) ignores line breaks and lines (—). This is annoying for several reasons, particularly when trying to add spacing between paragraphs/different sections in description


  • would be dope to be able to reserve some burn editions as the extension is published so the creator doesn’t have to use the burn flow themselves. for example, i wanted to keep some artist proofs of my burn redemption pieces but didn’t consider that i needed additional burnable pieces to mint them as a creator.

Otherwise this experience is very smooth and an amazing utility for the community. Thank you for this! hoping that these suggestions can be taken to make the tool even better <3

feel free to dm on twitter @totdgbtagb if you’d like to follow up further, happy to chat more!

Another issue, potentially large as well:

  • Attempting to create a burn-redeem page for a piece with HTML as the NFT data will make the image fetching logic in the burn redeem (at least in the preview tab) break and not render anything but a transparent image. Perhaps a suitable workaround here is to fallback to the thumbnail if the artwork throws an error on render

example of this found on my newest claim found here: watchful eye | ChatGPT x totty.eth

compare to the OpenSea page which properly renders the HTML and thumbnail in collection pages: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x273d28863dc87e6fd30a107b8c1871457c0dabfa/2

Hello hello guys! thanx a lot for your work on Manifold, it’s amazing.
I have a question regarding the Burn and redeem app, maybe someone could help:

Is it possible to burn a Erc1155 to redeem a new token BUT with a price in eth on top?
I would like to use the burnable Erc1155 as an exclusive allow list for the holder, but the burn redeem system should add the cost of the redeemable new token, as an allow list will give a discount or else but the exchange should not be 1 to 1.

Does it make sense? Thank you for your help guys! LmK!