Burn Redeem From Non-Manifold Contracts

My question: Will there be a way to allow collectors the option to burn a specific ERC-721 token that was minted outside of Manifold in exchange for another that is / will be within my Manifold contract, or is this never possible?

Context: In 2021, I lost access to my original (non Manifold) smart contract when my developer disappeared. In 2022, I launched a Manifold contract to continue my project. The first 90 works, however, are stuck on the old contract.

Original contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8be55af3fC603E8358986A0811B8b371d66874D0#inventory

Manifold contract:

Thank you ~

Burn of tokens from external contract is on the roadmap - can’t give an ETA on when it will be available but its coming soon.

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I’ll love ya’ll forever, Manifold <3 That’s all I was hoping to hear. Thank you ser

Now possible: