Burn Redeem gets stuck when move to Step 3


I’m in the Burn Redeem app and when I’am at step 2 (Select Burn Token) the token looks like it’s not there. Well the token is there, but no image is showing, no name and no description. And when I select that token and want to continue to step 3, everything freezes and I can’t continue.

Would love some help! <3

If I select an other piece from another ERC 1155 collection and try to go to step 3, It also freezes and I see nothing.

Can you link to the token in opensea?

Well it seems that it doesn’t matter which Token I select, it gets stuck on step 3 every time.

But the token that has no info on it in the selectin screen is this one:

Can you show some screenshots and open your console and share what you see?

Hey! I hope I did this right and you can see whats wrong in the screenshots.

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Ah, your token name/description isn’t even showing up. I’ve fixed it so it does, and you should be able to load the page now.

AWESOME! It’s working now! Thank you very much for the quick and good help :slight_smile:

It’s happening the same to me. Stuck in step 3

Give it a shot now @Ger

It’s working now! Thank you very much! Really appreciate it

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You’re very welcome!