Burn-Redeem GLB support


i’ve raised this issue about two weeks ago to @dongqtm and they’ve promised to look into it but i understand that the team is super busy and they are also not in charge of the burn-redeem app,
so thought to re-raise it here.
(don has helped me with this particular issue for the claim page and it’s working now since then as many probably have also tried).

the burn-redeem page currently still does not support .GLB file as the main asset (“Artwork”),
below is an image when i tried to upload a file in said format and nothing shows up.
i was hoping to work around this by minting this token nonetheless (burn-redeem window is already over and i’ve still yet to fulfill my promise to collectors to update to the “correct” file…),
and then just updating metadata on etherscan - which i’ve already prepared but failed to update by writing to functions…apparently because it is an extension?

hoping this may be resolved so i can update the asset to include .GLB in the metadata using Studio ui,
thank you very much for your help!

Would like to bump this - also make use of this burn/redeem feature with a GLB file. Does the NFT contain the GLB but just not display it in the preview? Will it appear on Opensea?

When testing the burn page, it doesn’t appear to show the thumbnail either:

Can we get any word from the team on this?

pushing this back up, thanks !

Gm - Thanks for the followup. This is definitely on our radar but we don’t have an eta on when this functionality will be implemented.


Couple questions - in the redeem draft page, the burning token 3D thumbnail is visible (not the actual 3D asset of course) - however the new redeeming token 3D thumbnail is not visible. Is this because the redeem token has not been minted, and the thumbnail will show up once minted?

Otherwise, could we use a standard media/GIF for the redeem token, so it is visible on the claiming page - and then update the token metadata afterwards to be a 3D nft for collectors? When using the GIF alone, it is visible on my draft page, but not the 3D asset.

gm, just stopping by to note that this has now been fixed by @paul !
i’ve successfully used the upgraded burn & redeem page to update metadata on my old /br page and the page is also showing the GLB interactivity and animation properly !